Day After Valentine’s Day Sale


I went to Target to check out theirDay After Valentine’s Day Sale post Valentine’s Day sale.

50% off most items.
30% off candies.

Best Deals:
SOCKS (2 pairs) $2.50

I picked up above mentioned and put them into the shopping cart including the heart shape bowl, sugar cookies and Nordic Cake Pop tray. Before I walked over to the cash register, I looked at the SMART SHOPPING BAG and thought:

Do I really need all of this?

SUGAR COOKIES $1.25 – I’ll end up eating the tray all by myself and gain weight.
NORDIC CAKE POP TRAY $8.00 – When am I ever going to make cake pops and I already have a cupcake/muffin tray.
HEART SHAPE BOWL $1.25 – Am I really going to use it? It’s a cute container, but oddly shaped. What am I going to put it in and where am I going to put it?

I paid for what I needed and stuff that I wanted that I could afford then walked out of the store.

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One Response to “Day After Valentine’s Day Sale”

  1. Cecille Says:

    Good going, ABL!

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