It Pays To Know About Your Machine


The Genius Bar trip was quite an adventure.  ABL didn’t expect to spend the entire day there but it was well worth it.  Because ABL had to go back for a cable/hard drive issue, the geniuses at the bar were nice enough to give her a bigger drive and some extra tools to ensure she had all her files.


While transferring files, ABL enjoyed people watching.  You get a variety of people coming in to trouble shoot and ask questions.  What computer they should buy?  Is it worth an upgrade?  How do I fix my iPod or iPad?  You also get people in different moods.  Most of them come in feeling angry and frustrated because their device is not working.  It’s amusing to see them feel all relieved especially if it was a simple fix – reset your machine.

TIP: If you come in angry and irritated, there is a bigger chance the genius will not help you as much.

IMG_3078Because I had enough knowledge about my device and operating system and explained my situation nicely to one of geniuses, he was nice enough to give me a few additional tools to make sure I was going to have my machine in the condition I wanted.

LESSON LEARNED: It pays to know about your device.  Knowing more about your device enables you to make better decisions in upgrading and maintenance.  Knowing how to do fixes can save you money or you can even make money by doing it for others.  What holds people back?  It’s usually FEAR.  Fear of changing the RAM or opening up the machine to replace the hard drive, cloning your drive.  Face that fear and do it yourself!  There are lots of resources out there.  Books/Mooks at Amazon or your local bookstore or check out some youtube videos.  The resources are out there, you just have to start looking!

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