Fix It : Tokidoki Watch


ABL received this watch a few years ago as a gift.

IMG_3093The strap that came with it finally broke after years of use.  ABL contacted Tokidoki to see if they had any replacement straps.  It was still a good watch with a nice design so it would be a waste to get rid of it.

After a few days, Tokidoki responded and said:

We’re sorry about that! Unfortunately that was has been discontinued, and as you can imagine because of how old it is we do not have any extra parts on reserve!


Not exactly the answer ABL was expecting.  So ABL went to look for replacement straps.  Luckily she came across Fossil’s watch straps.  All ABL needed was this tool:

IMG_3094and voila…

IMG_3092Good as new!

IMG_3090It’s a great bargain and way cheaper than having to buy a new one.  Plus you don’t add to the world’s garbage problem by throwing away your watch.

Just make sure that the replacement parts you choose compliments the design.

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2 Responses to “Fix It : Tokidoki Watch”

  1. Cecille Says:

    i heart tokidoki! good idea to save the watch by finding a compatible strap. Go ABL!

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