Rebel Upgrade via Amazon Trade-In


ABL bought a Canon Rebel XT in 2005.

This year ABL decided to upgrade to a T4i.

ABL tried Amazon Trade-In and traded in the Rebel XT without the 18-55mm lens as a LIKE NEW item.  Which means, the camera was shipped with the items that came with it when it was new.

It was fairly easy.  Just go to the Amazon site and do a search on the product you want to trade in.  The on the right side of the page, there should be a button that looks like this:

tradeinWhich means it’s eligible for trade-in.  The amount is subject to change depending on the condition of the item.  It’s easy!  After several clicks, you print out a label from Amazon, ship it for free and wait a few days to process your gift card.

You have the option to have your item returned if Amazon does not agree as to how to deem the condition of your item.

It’s great cause ABL got a credit of $86.95 and put it towards her T4i purchase.  It’s way more convenient than eBay or Craigslist.

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