Despicable Me Happy Meal Toys


Despicable Me 2 is out in theaters this weekend.  Simultaneously McDonald’s Happy Meal jumped on the bandwagon and currently is offering Despicable Me 2 minion toys.


ABL went to a quest to check out Despicable Me toys out there and found…

Check out the prices.  Retailers have these toys MSRP starts off at around $2.95 for the minion surprise to as high as $15.99 for the bigger Minion figures.  Granted the Happy Meal versions aren’t made with the same material or craft, they are still an awesome deal.

Happy Meal toys range from $1.-$2. if you choose to buy it without the standard meal (not all McDonald’s may offer this) or get the Happy Meal (Anywhere between $3-$5 depending on which combo you get).

The Happy Meal Minions are pretty cute.  They are nice and robust plus they come with interactivity.

IMG_0222Press the little hand and you get to hear the little guy laugh!

For kids and adults, if you’re looking to get a Despicable Me 2 toy to go with your movie experience, Happy Meal option is an awesome deal!

NOTE : they are also giving out stickers too with a paper activity customers fill out at the store.


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    […] Happy Meal has a new toy this week. It’s Smurf figurines to coincide with the release of Smurfs 2.Check out ebay and you’ll find that they’re not as hot as the Despicable Me minions. […]

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