Dollar Bargain Bins

IMG_2301Are dollar bins really cheaper?

They’re great for party favors and knick knack gifts.  But generally if you’re looking for something good and durable, the dollar bin isn’t really a great bargain.  Check out the water bottle in the photo.  Sometimes it’s better to invest in one made with better quality.

These bins are strategically placed at the front of the store near the check out and customer service for people to see it when they first come to the store and right before the leave.  It can be dangerous so don’t forget to be mindful when you shop.

However they are pretty awesome when they go on clearance.  They usually go on clearance right before a “season change”.  Like for example at Target, right as the Back to School season ended, dollar area went on clearance to make way for the Halloween season.

IMG_2300Right as the price dropped, ABL managed to find a few Quirky Hook Ups for half off!

710cmUs836L._SL1500_Great deal!

So remember, SMART SHOP!  Something cheap may not necessarily be an awesome bargain!



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