This Is The End – Target Exclusive


This was in this week’s Target weekly ad.  No link to the site because it looks like only a limited number of copies were made to be distributed to each store.

ABL went to check it out yesterday evening.

IMG_2511ABL managed to grab the last copy on the shelf.  There’s a cult following to this movie and it looks like fans sought out this special edition version with the bottle opener.

Fans or opportunists….

this-is-the-end-ebayThese items have just been posted.  Let’s see if anyone will actually do the BUY IT NOW or if we’ll find it on Amazon in a few days.

Best bargain for exclusives is usually the first week of release because they only produce limited quantities and that’s when retailers get the price really low.

If you change your mind, bring it back it on your next shopping trip and return it or sell it and make a profit.

Stay tuned to see how much these exclusives sold on eBay!


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One Response to “This Is The End – Target Exclusive”

  1. Sony Ultra Violet Customer Service – AsianBargainLady Says:

    […] A few months back ABL posted about the Target Exclusive version of “This is the End”. […]

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