Uniqlo 1 Year Anniversary – Union Square San Francisco

IMG_0605ABL was at Uniqlo’s 1 year anniversary in downtown San Francisco.

ABL was expecting more foot traffic.  Perhaps not enough marketing buzz around the event?  They were giving away bags and heat tech shirts to people who purchased $75 or more.  Either $75 was too steep or people we just not in the mood to shop.

ABL managed to find a few good deals to add up to $75.  licensed tee’s that dropped to $3.90 plus, fleece jackets for $19.90, tops and scarves on sale.  In exchange ABL got her free 1 out of 300 tote bags and a free $14.50 heat tech shirt.


The bag looks similar to the free ones they were giving out last year.  They added the UNIQLO square logos and change the type size of some of the text.IMG_0601

They threw in the Heat Tech Shirt which was a pleasant surprise.

ABL arrived at around 2pm and was expecting this promotion to run out.  Surprisingly enough there were still a bunch of bags left.

This fall Uniqlo will be opening a bunch of stores in the Bay Area.  Watch out Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Forever 21 and H&M.  It’s going to be a competitive Christmas season!  Is it too soon for more stores?

We’ll find out!

Lots of inventory to choose from.

IMG_0602 IMG_0598 IMG_0597This was last year’s line when the store first opened…

IMG_2455Shop Smart!

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