Chinese New Year Prep – Year of the Horse 2014

Are you ready for Chinese New Year!

The Year of the Horse starts on January 31st (FRIDAY).

This weekend is a great time to start gathering items for your spread.


Have Symbols of Happiness and Wealth on your spread

– Rice (uncooked)
– Oranges with stems (A few years back ABL did it without the stems and her auntie said it was a huge mistake)
– Charcoal wrapped in red paper (ABL used the paper plate)
– at least 8 pieces dates (the fruit, found in the store not e-harmony or
– Money
– Animal Representation for fun (This year it’s the year of the horse)

On the eve of new years, leave money lying around the house, keep the lights on and if you’re the head of the house be home before midnight.   This is a ritual to make the year

On  new year’s day, a few reminders
– Don’t sweep the floors of vacuum (Good excuse not to clean that day but mainly because you may get rid of luck at the start of the year)
– Wear something RED to ward off evil
– Eat noodles (If you want to live long)

For more info on what the year of the horse has in store for you, check out:
9781494431518_p0_v1_s260x4202014 YOUR NEW ASTROLOGY HOROSCOPES – Chinese and Western Predictions For the Wood Horse Year

It’s going to be a fun year!

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