Car Maintenane – Change Oil

IMG_3454ABL had to get her car serviced the other day because of a CHANGE OIL notification.

ABL went to Speed Oil Change Center to get it done.

It was bit of an expense because on top of the oil change (with premium oil) there was the cabin air filter and transmission change as well.

This is all part of car maintenance.   When going through your routine oil change check, don’t bum yourself out with the expense.  Jedi mind trick yourself and think, this is good, necessary and not really an expense but more of a SAVINGS.  If you don’t go through the regular maintenance for your car, you will end up spending more.

ABL TIP: Regularly maintain your car, it’s cheaper than waiting for something to break and having to spend more. 

If you want to do it yourself, check out sites online and see if it’s worth it or just look for a local center and don’t forget to google if they have coupons.

Be safe on the road!

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