HBO – Game of Thrones Season 4 Premiere


Game of Thrones Season Four premiered yesterday and crashed HBO GO servers.

Is it cheaper to wait for the Blu-ray or subscribe?

HBO is approximately $16 a month.

If the only show you want to watch on HBO is Game of Thrones, here’s what the math will look like:
Each season = 10 episodes
Each month is 4 episodes
$16 x 2.5 = $40

It’ll be cheaper if you get the set, which usually is around $29.99 during the first week of release.

If you can wait, you’re probably better off with the set (with the bonus features), plus you get to binge watch.  But if you need to see it now and wouldn’t want to feel left out at the office water cooler conversations, you might as well look into HBO subscriptions.

Choose wisely!


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