Smart Shopping at Gilroy Premium Outlets


ABL checked out the Gilroy Premium Outlets yesterday.

All of the stores had Memorial Deals however ABL recommends you think twice before you purchase.

Something to keep in mind when going to an outlet shopping on a holiday.  Retailers want you to buy.  If you’re going as a group and have a goal it’s totally worth it.  There are items there that are really cheaper plus you get to see them in person.

If not, ABL doesn’t really think it’s worth it.

Outlets generally don’t have the same items in the regular stores or may be items that are overstock and off season.  Plus if you have your mind set on a particular design or style, sometimes it’s not worth getting an alternative just because it’s “cheaper”.

However there were a few gems :


The Disney outlet which had items from the park and Disney stores around the world.

ABL got this pillow for $11.00  On ebay it’s sold for almost $40.  It’s been on ABL’s

and there was also a Lululemon outlet.


Great finds if you like this brand and do not want to pay full retail.  Items go anywhere from 20% – 70% off.

ABL likes Lululemon and picked up a hoodie for 40% off.

So think twice before you make the trip and don’t be fooled by the deals.  Bring your ABL bag and ask yourself first before you make that purchase.  If you live far from the outlets, returns are a challenge and you have to calculate for gas and time spent to go back to return it.

Smart shopping!

Photo credit: main photo from sunnycv


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