SPRZ NY (“Surprise New York”) is a new project designed around the concept of “A place where clothes and art meet.” It features a special collection of modern art-inspired fashion products intended to surprise, including a collaboration with The Museum of Modern Art.

The second floor of the UNIQLO Fifth Avenue store has been remodeled for the project, and reopened on March 28 as the SPRZ NY store. For the first time, Starbucks has opened an outlet at this location, creating a space to drink coffee and enjoy art.

To celebrate its continued support of MoMA, UNIQLO is presenting MoMA Special Edition items, inspired by artwork from the Museum’s collection, and new designs made in collaboration with living artists. MoMA Special Edition designs are based on the works of world-renowned artists including Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Jack Pierson, Jackson Pollock, Lawrence Weiner, Ryan McGinness, and Sarah Morris.

ABL Favorite: Yayoi Kusama


ABL Tip – Shirts available at your local UNIQLO Store here in the Bay Area.  If you wait a bit, shirts will go down in price.  But if you’re looking for a fairly popular size, you may want to get it now before they run out of stock.

Sizes that usually disappear right away – MALE M



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