Is it worth fighting a ticket?


Have you ever been pulled over for speeding or a stop sign?

ABL was and she and Nomo would like to give you the low down on what to do if you get a ticket in California (Bay Area).

If you get a speeding ticket 15 miles over the limit and you have no evidence whatsoever to fight it – suck it up and pay for it.

If you get a ticket for a stop sign, unless you have supporting evidence to prove you didn’t do it – pay for it.

If you were unlucky and got two tickets in a short span of time, it may be worth fighting for it and try to get a two for one deal.

A ticket generally costs around $289 here in the Bay Area, additional fees may apply if you want to do traffic school or pay online.

Online traffic school is more convenient than the real thing.  Saves you time and money.

Consider it an expensive lesson learned.

Silver Lining – if you use your credit card to pay for the ticket, you do get points, just as long as you pay the balance in full.

Drive Safe!

Photo credit : ehow – How to beat a speeding ticket.

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