IOS: Learn IOS Programming in a Day


IOS Development: Learn IOS App Development FAST !

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It’s easier than you think! Learn how to develop apps to run on Apple’s iOS 7 operating system!

Programming isn’t learned with your nose in a book. It is a hands on process. The book can guide you through the steps, but you must jump right in and go to work, learning as you go. The iOS operating system allows you to use OOP (Object Oriented Programming) to quickly bring together the previously developed components into a unique application fulfilling your design purpose. It is a logical process, but not as complex as line-by-line writing of code like those used in the old BASIC language. You may feel intimidated at the moment, but just realize that this is doable. Middle school children and even younger are already writing their own games using iOS.

In IOS Development: Learn IOS App Development FAST ! you will learn:

  • How to download and install the free version of XCode, the Integrated Development Environment used in this book
  • How to create your very first program
  • How to add some dust in the background
  • How to make the background move
  • How to add asteroids to the game
  • How to add laser guns to the ship
  • How to create a Collision detection

The author doesn’t leave you with just the book and your imagination to learn the iOS system. He walks you through developing an asteroid game on your Mac computer, using Apple’s Xcode software. He assures the reader that if you follow the steps he gives, you will see that making an app is easier than most people make it out to be. After completing this book, you will not be an expert iOS programmer, but you you definitely won’t be a beginner anymore!

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