Tuesday Release : GOT S4, Birdman, St. Vincent, Theory of Everything, Life Iself

This week is pretty awesome!
Lots of great titles…

Game of Thrones Season 4 56% off for a limited time!

Game of Thrones is one of HBO’s signature series and a huge runaway hit for the network. This year, a plethora of compelling storylines will play out to their inevitable, and bloody, conclusions. As the season begins, encouraged by the Red Wedding slaughter in the Riverlands that wiped out many of their Stark nemeses, the Lannisters’ hold on the Iron Throne remains intact … but can they survive their own egos as well as new and ongoing threats from the south, north and east? While an unbowed Stannis Baratheon continues to rebuild his army in Dragonstone, a more immediate danger comes from the south, as Oberyn Martell, the Lannister-loathing “Red Viper of Dorne,” arrives at King’s Landing to attend Joffrey’s wedding to Margaery Tyrell, and perhaps act on an ulterior agenda. In the north, a depleted Night’s Watch seems overmatched against the inexorable Wall advances of Mance Rayder’s army of wildlings, which in turn is being trailed by an even more formidable foe: the undead White Walkers. If that’s not enough, Daenerys Targaryen, accompanied by her fierce trio of dragons and Unsullied army, is poised to “liberate” Meereen, the largest Slaver City in the east, which could provide her with an imposing force to execute her ultimate plan: to sail to Westeros and reclaim the Iron Throne the Lannisters usurped from her family.

Special Features:
o Creating the Battle of Blackwater Bay o GAME OF THRONES: Inner Circle o 12 Audio Commentaries with Cast and Crew o The Religions of Westeros o Character Profiles o Creating the Battle of Blackwater Bay o GAME OF THRONES: Inner Circle o 12 Audio Commentaries with Cast and Crew o The Religions of Westeros o Character Profiles

Birdman 50% off for a limited time!

A washed up actor, who once played an iconic superhero, battles his ego and attempts to recover his family, his career and himself in the days leading up to the opening of a Broadway play.

Special Features:
Birdman: All-Access
A Conversation with Michael Keaton and Alejandro G. Iñárritu
Gallery: Chivo’s On-Set Photos
Theory of Everything 34% off for a limited time!

Starring Eddie Redmayne (“Les Misérables”) and Felicity Jones (“The Amazing Spider-Man 2”), this is the extraordinary story of one of the world’s greatest living minds, the renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, who falls deeply in love with fellow Cambridge student Jane Wilde. Once a healthy, active young man, Hawking received an earth-shattering diagnosis at 21 years of age. With Jane fighting tirelessly by his side, Stephen embarks on his most ambitious scientific work, studying the very thing he now has precious little of – time. Together, they defy impossible odds, breaking new ground in medicine and science, and achieving more than they could ever have dreamed. The film is based on the memoir “Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen,” by Jane Hawking, and is directed by Academy Award winner James Marsh (“Man on Wire”).

Special Features:
Digital Copy of The Theory of Everything (Subject to expiration. Go to NBCUCodes.com for details.)
Includes UltraViolet (Subject to expiration. Go to NBCUCodes.com for details.)
Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary by Director James Marsh
Becoming the Hawkings
Feature Commentary with Director James Marsh


St. Vincent 43% off for a limited time!

Maggie (Melissa McCarthy), a single mother, moves into a new home in Brooklyn with her 12-year old son, Oliver (Jaeden Lieberher). Forced to work long hours, she has no choice but to leave Oliver in the care of their new neighbor, Vincent (Bill Murray), a retired curmudgeon with a penchant for alcohol and gambling. An odd friendship soon blossoms between the improbable pair. Together with a pregnant stripper named Daka (Naomi Watts), Vincent brings Oliver along on all the stops that make up his daily routine – the race track, a strip club, and the local dive bar. Vincent helps Oliver grow to become a man, while Oliver begins to see in Vincent something that no one else is able to: a misunderstood man with a good heart.

Special Features:
Deleted scenes from the film
Q&A with the one and only Bill Murray, the patron saint of comedy
Life Itself 30% off for a limited time!

Acclaimed director Steve James (Hoop Dreams) and executive producers Martin Scorsese (The Departed) and Steven Zaillian (Moneyball) present LIFE ITSELF, a documentary film that recounts the inspiring and entertaining life of world-renowned film critic and social commentator Roger Ebert a story that is by turns personal, funny, painful, and transcendent. Based on his bestselling memoir of the same name, LIFE ITSELF, explores the legacy of Roger Ebert’s life, from his Pulitzer Prize-winning film criticism at the Chicago Sun-Times to becoming one of the most influential cultural voices in America.

Special Features:
Deleted Scenes (HD, 22 ½ min.) – A collection of deleted footage that didn’t make the final cut of the movie. These scenes can be watched together or individually and consist of: ‘Ebertfest’ (2 min.); ‘Gene Under the Table’ (1 min.); ‘Mr. Limericks’ (1 ½ min.); ‘Ina and Roger’ (1 min.); ‘Young Writers’ (1 min.); ‘Roger’s First Article in Chicago’ (1 min.); ‘Film Lessons’ (1 ½ min.); ‘Chaz and Roger’s First Date’ (1 min.); ‘Hoffman Nurse’ (1 min.); ‘Rob Schneider’ (1 min.); ‘Blogging’ (1 ½ min.); ‘Encouragement for Recovery’ (1 min.); ‘Website Launch’ (2 min.); ‘Reciting T.S. Eliot’ (1 ½ min.); and ‘Johnnie Walker’ (4 ½ min.). While these scenes are presented in full HD, they haven’t been color timed/corrected to match the movie, and come across as a little more faded and soft than what’s in the completed product.
Sundance Tribute (HD, 7 min. ) – In June 2013, Roger Ebert was posthumously given the Vanguard Award at the Sundance Film Festival. This is the video that was played at the ceremony, the large majority of which consists of footage and voice-over that’s present in the ‘Life Itself’ documentary.
Interview with Director Steve James (HD, 10 ½ min.) – A ‘talking head’ interview with the director (he talks directly to the camera sans any interviewer), in which he relates how he came to be involved with the movie, his experience shooting it, and the generous access that Roger and Chaz provided during the filming.
AXS TV: A Look at ‘Life Itself’ (HD, 2 ½ min.) – This is not a behind-the-scenes featurette, but rather a trailer for the movie which is almost (but not quite) identical to the theatrical trailer.
Trailer (HD, 2 ½ min.) – The original theatrical trailer for ‘Life Itself’.

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