3.14 – Pi Pie Pan

41uYiVSpIuLPi Pie Pan

  • Celebrate birthdays, holidays and Pi Day as only a true math geek would, by baking a pie in a Pi pie shaped pan. There have been Pi cake pans, but what is the point of making a cake for Pi Day? There is only one way to get a Pi shaped pie, and that is with the Pi Pie Pan.
  • The pans are anodized 3003-alloy aluminum, which is the one of the most common aluminum alloys for cookware. The Pi Pie Pans are anodized for a stronger surface, but they aren’t non-stick. Pie crusts (both pastry and crumb type) generally have enough fat in them that sticking isn’t a problem, but it wouldn’t hurt to grease the pan.
  • The volume is equivalent to a 9″ pie pan and designed so you can use a standard filling recipe. However, this pan has a larger outside surface area than a round pan; for a crumb style crust (Graham cracker, Oreo, etc.) you need to increase the recipe by about 25%. For a pastry crust you can increase the recipe if you want, or just roll the dough a bit thinner. When using store bought pie dough my partner, just roll it to an oval shape 3-4 inches wider in one direction to help fit the pan.
  • Pi Pie Pans were brought to life as a Kickstarter project – we are now happy to make these pans available to the general public!

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