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Shopping Online

March 21, 2014


ABL says “Yes it pays to plan, compare products and compare costs!”


15% off Toys R Us and Price Match Guarantee

February 26, 2014


Best time to get a deal at  Toys R Us is when they offer coupons and come in with your price match.


TRU Says – We will match prices from selected online competitor websites,
including,,,,,,,,,, and (not including marketplace pricing).

Best time to get your LEGO sets!

Last Minute Halloween Shopping

October 26, 2013

Last minute Halloween shopping!  If you do it online you may end up having to pay for extra shipping just to get it on time.

Amazon Prime folks, you still have time!

Stores have been dropping prices a bit just to get rid of inventory so it may not be so bad to come in late after all.

Smart shopping everyone!

Window shop

July 10, 2013

8010811697_4f40c01d31_kWindow shop
intransitive verb \ˈwin-dō-ˌshäp, -də-\
– to look at the displays in retail store windows without going inside the stores to make purchases

Smart shopping is part window shopping.  Window shop and do your research first before you purchase.

Practice “The art of saying NO.”  Ask yourself the shopping guide questions first before making that purchase.

Bargain Hunting : Royal Scrittore Manual Typewriter

June 29, 2013


ebayIf you get it from Amazon, the benefits are you’ll get it faster and it’s easier if you have any issues with the item and want to return it.  eBay isn’t so bad if you do the necessary research before you purchase.  ABL hasn’t really had any issues with returns with eBay or Paypal, it just takes a bit longer.

It’s cheaper on eBay because the product was slightly used.   Looking at the seller’s photos and ratings, it’s a safe bet and looks like the product is in excellent condition.

Amazon – $118.99 + tax ($11.60) = $130.59
eBay – $41.00 + shipping ($20.00) = $61.00
Savings – $69.59

eBay was the better deal for this purchase.

However if you do not have the time or patience to search and you have a high per hour rate then sometimes it may be better to get it at the higher price.

Online Shopper vs. Traditional Shopper

April 15, 2013


Are you an online shopper or traditional shopper?

ABL uses both techniques.

There are some items you have to touch and try on before you buy.

Day After Easter Sale

April 2, 2013

ABL checked out the Day After Easter Sale at Target.

Awesome Finds:
Dipping Chocolate $1.75 instead of $2.50
Appetizer Picks $1.50 instead of $3.98

Great time to find bake ware and other baking items and party items in pastel color.

Awesome for parties (birthdays, showers or any get together) after Easter.

You might want to wait a few days for the baskets, candy and chocolate to drop in price.

Retailers have gotten smarter about candy and instead of 50% the day after, they start with 30%.

But don’t forget, don’t buy it if you don’t need it!