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Fix It : MJ Bag

June 12, 2013


What do you usually do when buttons fall off and you can’t find a replacement?

Be creative!

Here’s a button that fell off from a purse ABL owned.IMG_3095One day, it fell off…

IMG_3096and ABL couldn’t find a replacement online.  The bag was still good and it was a waste to get rid of it.


IMG_3098Pick a something that can cover up the hole.

IMG_3099Make sure it goes with the overall design!

Way cheaper than a bag replacement!  You should try it!

DIY PROJECT : ABL Shopping Bag

April 20, 2013

EarthBagsIf you can’t afford to buy an ABL shopping bag, head over to Target tomorrow to get a FREE SHOPPING bag as part of their Earth Day promotion and make it yourself.

ABL SHOPPING TEMPLATE is available online.  All you have to do is print and attach it to your free shopping bag!

There are various ways on attaching the shopping guide.  If you make one, take a photo, send an e-mail to and ABL will send you surprise!

Be creative and make something awesome!

Let’s be mindful when shopping!


Spending less on a Saturday

April 13, 2013

Instead of going out or shopping online, here are some tips from ABL on how to spend your Saturday saving:

– Shop in your closet
– BE crafty. See photo below of ABL taking a photo of Nomo while he is being mischievous
– Bake or Cook something
– Make something
– Clean or Organize : It’s spring! Great time to start collecting stuff for a garage sale
– Meditate
– Read or watch a movie (if you have books or videos on queue, it’s a great time to catch up)
– Take a nice stroll (if you live in the Bay Area, there are TONS of places to go for a nice walk especially if the weather is awesome)

Whatever you choose to do, make sure to ENJOY YOURSELF!