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Disney Movie Rewards : Big Hero 6 Kite and Keychain

March 2, 2015


big-hero-kite-2 big-hero-kiteIf you’re a DisneyMovieRewards member and like Big Hero 6, now you can share in the adventure of “Big Hero 6″ when you join Baymax as he soars through the sky.

Easy assembly.

Comes with string and spool.

Approximately 36″ wide x 26” tall.

Only 645 points!



The Keychain

Take your favorite healthcare companion everywhere you go! This “Big Hero 6” keychain features the adorable Baymax in all his huggable glory.

Only 400 points!

Makes great gifts too!  You don’t have to spend any extra money.  Use your points to find cool stuff!

Disney Movie Rewards : Maleficent Horns Headdress

June 4, 2014


Disney Movie Rewards new rewards this season is the Maleficent Horns Headdress.  For 1100 points you can get your own set of horns.


Great for parties or start stocking up for Halloween!

Disney Movies Anywhere

March 28, 2014


Disney‘s new movie streaming service DISNEY MOVIES ANYWHERE available online for iOS devices.

If you have Disney Movie Rewards, it’s easy to sync up movies you’ve previously purchased because it tracks all products you registered.

You get a variety of Disney, Pixar, Muppet and Marvel movies.

Check it out and happy viewing!

Disney Movie Rewards

March 30, 2013

You get something more when you purchase Disney Movies or Music.

Disney Movie Rewards

You collect points and can redeem them for cool stuff from paper activities, gift cards, collectibles to Studio tours.

Last week ABL redeemed a Frankenweenie plush which you could pull apart.

Since this is not available for sale at retailers some people have been making money and putting their rewards on ebay.

Makes awesome presents as well!

Next time you purchase a Disney movie or cd, don’t forget to sign up and claim your rewards!

sparkyb1362190263232Frankenweenie Pull Apart Plush