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The Not So Genius Bar

May 31, 2013

genius barI find it ironic that when one’s computer dies, one cannot simply call and is expected to log in and schedule an appointment at the genius bar with a computer.  Consider ABL lucky to have a spare desktop to still write on.  However it is tough when the machine that won’t boot up is the same one is your means of living.

This is the second time ABL is heading over to the genius bar to see what is up with the machine.  Hopefully it’s the same hard drive cable issue.  If it is.  ABL is going to see if she can claim LEMON on the apple and exchange it for a better one!

It’s a problem, but not a life threatening one.  It’s good to always BACK UP!

Appointment isn’t scheduled till noon.  Going in tomorrow to see if we can get this fixed earlier than expected.

Here’s to hoping!