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Happy Meal : Book of Life

October 26, 2014


Just in time for Halloween, check out this week’s Happy Meal.

Happy Meal teams up with Book of Life.

Get the free bucket with the meal, or see if your local McDonald‘s will let you get the pail without the meal.


They’re great for trick or treating and they come in two designs with stickers.

Check them out!



Pokémon XY Happy Meals

June 10, 2014


Head to McDonald’s restaurants for Pokémon XY Happy Meals today.

Pokémon XY Happy Meals arrive in participating McDonald’s restaurants across the United States beginning May 23, 2014! Inside each Happy Meal, you’ll find one of 12 Pokémon Trading Card Game cards. Plus, each Happy Meal will include one of 12 Pokémon battle launcher toys featuring either a classic Pokémon such as Pikachu or Mewtwo, or a Pokémon first discovered in the blockbuster Pokémon X and Pokémon Y video games, such as Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, Xerneas, or Yveltal!

Source : Pokémon USA

Check them out today before they disappear!

Get the toy and card without the meal (Prices vary – check your local McDonald’s for details).  Way cheaper than buying toys and cards online.


Happy Meal – Mr. Peabody & Sherman

March 9, 2014


To coincide with this week’s movie release of Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Dreamworks has teamed up with McDonald’s.

Check out the Happy Meal toys!  You get six different interactive toys.

sp-happymealABL picked up Sherman and Mr. Peabody with the WABAC machine.


Enjoy the toy and enjoy the show!

Despicable Me Happy Meal Toys

July 6, 2013


Despicable Me 2 is out in theaters this weekend.  Simultaneously McDonald’s Happy Meal jumped on the bandwagon and currently is offering Despicable Me 2 minion toys.


ABL went to a quest to check out Despicable Me toys out there and found…

Check out the prices.  Retailers have these toys MSRP starts off at around $2.95 for the minion surprise to as high as $15.99 for the bigger Minion figures.  Granted the Happy Meal versions aren’t made with the same material or craft, they are still an awesome deal.

Happy Meal toys range from $1.-$2. if you choose to buy it without the standard meal (not all McDonald’s may offer this) or get the Happy Meal (Anywhere between $3-$5 depending on which combo you get).

The Happy Meal Minions are pretty cute.  They are nice and robust plus they come with interactivity.

IMG_0222Press the little hand and you get to hear the little guy laugh!

For kids and adults, if you’re looking to get a Despicable Me 2 toy to go with your movie experience, Happy Meal option is an awesome deal!

NOTE : they are also giving out stickers too with a paper activity customers fill out at the store.