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Kate Spade’s South of the Border Bon Shopper

August 24, 2013

ABL came across this Kate Spade bag “South of the Border” bon shopper.

kate-spade-mexican-popsicle-tote-south-of-the-border-bon-shopper-product-1-10877268-787002856 kate-spade-mexican-popsicle-tote-south-of-the-border-bon-shopper-product-2-10877268-744558719 kate-spade-mexican-popsicle-tote-south-of-the-border-bon-shopper-product-3-10877268-801833864Introduced to the public, SUMMER 2013, $148 MSRP.

ABL checked out the bag and wasn’t ready to shell out that amount for the bag.  It’s canvas, based on the color gets dirty easily, cute design but not worth $148.

Someone online felt the same way and ended up making her own version.

Shave Ice beach bag

Awesome idea!

As weeks passed, prices went down.  Kate Spade had a sample sale for 48 hours and dropped the price to $59.  ABL could have bought it then but decided to wait.

Other online retailers had it cheaper, Ebay, Ebags, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and Amazon but not low enough.

Luckily, ABL was at Bloomingdale’s last week and saw it at the pre-sale table and a nice salesperson tipped her off.  This week, it was going to be on sale.  So ABL went back right before going home to see if it was meant to be.  Lo and behold there was one on the table waiting.

Original price $148.  with the sale $66.60 plus an additional 15% which brought it down to $56.61.  Plus tax, it was cheaper than getting it from the sample sale.

WHY ABL decided to invest in it, it’s a functional piece of art.


Lessons learned:

1. It pays to wait, sometimes something better may come along
2. If it’s too expensive, be creative and DIY