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Kitkat – US vs. Japan

September 18, 2013

IMG_2306US (local) Kitkat bars are cheaper than the Japanese (imported) bars.

You can find both bars on or just check out your local Japanese grocery store or if you have a friend going to Japan, ask them to pick you up a bar.

The single Japanese bars are double the price of a US bar but it’s still worth trying!

Green Tea KitKat

May 28, 2013


If you like green tea and KitKat, this is amazing!

ABL first tried it from her friends who brought it all the way from Japan.

Guess what, it’s now available at or check out your local Japanese grocery and they might be carrying it as well.  You can also try eBay (prices may vary depending on where they are coming from).

It’s worth the extra expense for the awesome taste!