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Entrepreneur : Mobile Mechanica

July 13, 2013

IMG_3191Pretty awesome meeting entrepreneurs on the go.  Yesterday ABL met Mobile Mechanica.  Mobile Mechanica specializes in a mobile bike repair service offered in the Bay Area.  Mobile Mechanica hops on BART with his bike and his tools (damn they are heavy) and heads over to your area to check out your bike.

Mobile Mechanica says the awesome part about his job is that he gets to meet people and see them happy after a repair.  You can’t really get that with a desk job.  That’s why a lot of people are going the entrepreneur route.  Check out the craigslist post or contact for any inquiries about your bike repair.

Be inspired!  Do you have a skill set you can turn into a business venture?

If he can do it, so can you!

ABL also recommends, if it’s broken, see if you can fix it first before having to buy a new one!