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Old Navy Stuff and Save for Card Holders

July 17, 2014


This year instead of bags, Old Navy is giving away FREE necklaces.

Great alternative to the bags although make sure to bring your own or they will charge you extra!

Stuff and Save

April 27, 2013


Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic Card Holders have a stuff and save event. 

Check into Old Navy now through 5/6/13 for 30% off items (Regular items and on top of already sale items).  Plus a free tote bag!


ABL was in search for a new colorful shirt for Spring. 

Shirt was originally $24.95 but was on sale for $19.00. 
$19.00 – 30% = $13.30 + TAX
$13.30 = 1 Button up Shirt and a FREE TOTE BAG + points on your card.

Not bad since I needed a shirt!

Just make sure to pay off your balance when the bill comes so you get the real deal and not have to pay for interest.