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How to price match at Target

July 28, 2013

How to price match at Target
1. Make sure your Target price matches. Most Target’s do, City Targets don’t.
2. Use your smart phone and look up the item using the bar code scanner or search tool on sites like:
3. Look for the item at Target.  To save you a trip, go to and do a search for the item and then click on FIND IN STORE.
4. Head over to the store while doing your regular Target shopping and pick up the item and head over to the register or Customer service department.
5. Show the specialist the price on your mobile phone
***They will either look it up on their iPad (Customer Service Areas usually have a designated iPad for specialists to price check).
6. They will confirm the lower price, pay with your Target card and get your additional 5%

You can also do this while shopping in store. Use your bar code scanner and scan the price. Put it in your basket and head over to customer service.

Pete’s Dragon MSRP – $20.00 + Tax + Shipping (If you are buying online)
Price Match – $11.68 + Tax (Buying in store)
Price Match with Target Card – $11.68 – 5% + Tax

Shop Smart!