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The Power of the Banana

February 26, 2013

IMG_2576Did you ever stop and think how amazing the banana is?

A few years ago it was a hot commodity because of the banana diet.  I never followed the diet.  However, came across it again recently on ABL’s discovery of the awesomeness of the simplicity of the banana and what a great resource it is in these tough economic times.

The banana is:
– cheap ranging from $0.19 to $1.00 ($1.00 is really a rip off)
– a fruit already packaged. No ziplocs required. The edible piece is already self contained. Whoever designed the banana deserves kudos for the hand friendly peelable outer structure with the bright identifiable color.
– 75 to 135 calorie count (depending on banana size)
– great health benefits

These days, ABL always has a banana in her purse.  Easy to eat during the day if ABL forgets she can always head over to a store to buy one.  Great monkey (Nomo) food and a handy weapon to have when traveling on public  transportation.

Good health is start of good wealth!