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Bargain Hunting : Royal Scrittore Manual Typewriter

June 29, 2013


ebayIf you get it from Amazon, the benefits are you’ll get it faster and it’s easier if you have any issues with the item and want to return it.  eBay isn’t so bad if you do the necessary research before you purchase.  ABL hasn’t really had any issues with returns with eBay or Paypal, it just takes a bit longer.

It’s cheaper on eBay because the product was slightly used.   Looking at the seller’s photos and ratings, it’s a safe bet and looks like the product is in excellent condition.

Amazon – $118.99 + tax ($11.60) = $130.59
eBay – $41.00 + shipping ($20.00) = $61.00
Savings – $69.59

eBay was the better deal for this purchase.

However if you do not have the time or patience to search and you have a high per hour rate then sometimes it may be better to get it at the higher price.