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Global Learning : Creative Live

June 23, 2013

creativeliveCreativeLive is a great place of learning.  They offer free streaming classes from entrepreneurship, photography, design and software.  It’s great because you can watch the live streams for free and purchase the classes if you missed them or if you want to re-watch them.  What’s awesome too is you get to interact without having to leave your room with the instructor and the and the global classroom.

If you see this post today and have time, check out the Secrets from Silicon Valley stream.  They have an awesome line up of speakers.  The likes of Reid Hoffman and Guy Kawasaki are going to be there.

Great business model and it’s a different approach towards teaching and learning!  Plus….ABL likes it cause it’s FREE when you can catch it live and gain so much from it.

Kudos to this business model!