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ABL TIP: Spring Cleaning Garage Sale

April 14, 2013


Spring is a time for new beginnings.

It’s also a great opportunity to clean up and get rid of stuff.

Have a garage sale or a yard sale and make it an event!

Certain areas in the Bay Area have city wide Garage Sales. ABL encourages you to make it a fun filled event. Invite a bunch of friends to entice more people to come by to check out your stuff. You can also turn it into a trade in event. Who knows, your friend may have something you have been looking for and vice versa. You can also sell home made cooked goodies.

Also if you live in a shared household, make sure to ask your spouse, partner, kids if they don’t need certain items. I do not recommend just selling someone else’s stuff without their permission.

So go through your closet and look around for stuff you don’t need anymore and jump start your Garage Sale Party!