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Lessons Learned from IKEA Online Shopping

May 27, 2014

ivar-shelving-unit__0217791_PE375074_S4In preparation for the Memorial Day Break, ABL went ahead and ordered the IVAR on the IKEA website.

The unit itself was $95, plus tax and everything else it totaled close to $130.

Lo and behold, the items arrived the Thursday before the Memorial Day weekend.  It was damaged and missing parts.


Bad idea, ABL basically had to lug everything back into the store since customer service was closed.

When ABL got to IKEA, they refused to give her the full refund.

NOTE: when returning items to IKEA they scan each item and consider the return “modular” so they don’t credit you the missing parts in store.  You basically have to call in to state your case.  Plus the customer service person working that day was not that nice either.

ABL was not a happy shopper.

It was a horrible experience.  However, there was a silver lining…

After ABL got her refund, she headed over to look for the IVAR shelf on the floor. There was a very helpful customer service who found all the parts for ABL.  Before checking out, ABL headed over to the bargain bin and found this already assembled for $45 (MSRP online $64.99 not including tax and delivery). Something she had been thinking about for quite some time but was putting off due to price and the thought of having to assemble it.

kallax-shelving-unit__0243982_PE383241_S4She got her replacement IVAR and a found the Kallax shelving unit already built.

It was great and it all worked out because ABL also happened to have a truck to bring back all these items home.

1. Online may not always be the best solution when shopping for IKEA furniture.
2. Cheap may result to expensive.
3. Not all shopping experiences are horrible, if you keep your cool and manage to look on the bright side, you’d be amazed of the other possibilities that lay before you.
4. Patience is a virtue.
5. It is convenient if you have a vehicle that can lug big items.
6. When shopping for furniture, it’s great to go shopping with family or friends because you have someone to help you out.
7. Sometimes it is worth buying an item already assembled.
8. Always pass by the bargain bin, you’ll never know what gems you’ll find laying around.
9. When driving with furniture on your truck, it’s safer to avoid the freeway to keep the items stable on the truck bed.
10. Always keep your cool even if the customer service rep is in a bad mood.