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Coupon Printing with HP

September 1, 2013

coupon-printerABL was pleasantly surprised to find this feature in her HP printer.

Check out this coupon printing feature from HP:

Best to have them in your smart phone and just show them at check out.  However, if you’re old school and still want the paper format, this is really convenient.  If your smart phone sucks up a lot of battery life too, this may be the way to go.

Smart shopping!

How to price match at Target

July 28, 2013

How to price match at Target
1. Make sure your Target price matches. Most Target’s do, City Targets don’t.
2. Use your smart phone and look up the item using the bar code scanner or search tool on sites like:
3. Look for the item at Target.  To save you a trip, go to and do a search for the item and then click on FIND IN STORE.
4. Head over to the store while doing your regular Target shopping and pick up the item and head over to the register or Customer service department.
5. Show the specialist the price on your mobile phone
***They will either look it up on their iPad (Customer Service Areas usually have a designated iPad for specialists to price check).
6. They will confirm the lower price, pay with your Target card and get your additional 5%

You can also do this while shopping in store. Use your bar code scanner and scan the price. Put it in your basket and head over to customer service.

Pete’s Dragon MSRP – $20.00 + Tax + Shipping (If you are buying online)
Price Match – $11.68 + Tax (Buying in store)
Price Match with Target Card – $11.68 – 5% + Tax

Shop Smart!

New Smart Shopping Bag Designs

May 18, 2013


Check out the new designs for ABL Smart Shopping Bags at the ABL Storefront!

If you buy one, send ABL a photo at and Shay Fei Fei and Nomo will send you a personalized thank you note!

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

ABL Target Tip

May 2, 2013

71447_517936171597642_597660840_nABL got this tip and is sharing it with all of you.



February 25, 2013


mindful [ˈmaɪndfʊl]


(usually postpositive and foll by of) keeping aware; heedful mindful of your duties

mindfully  adv
mindfulness  n

Are you MINDFUL?

Day After Valentine’s Day Sale

February 17, 2013


I went to Target to check out theirDay After Valentine’s Day Sale post Valentine’s Day sale.

50% off most items.
30% off candies.

Best Deals:
SOCKS (2 pairs) $2.50

I picked up above mentioned and put them into the shopping cart including the heart shape bowl, sugar cookies and Nordic Cake Pop tray. Before I walked over to the cash register, I looked at the SMART SHOPPING BAG and thought:

Do I really need all of this?


It Starts with a Habit

February 15, 2013

Do you always buy items on SALE and the have buyer’s remorse?

Does this happen often?

If it does, it has most likely become a HABIT.

SMART SHOPPING is all about creating good habits and guess what, AsianBargainLady is proof one can change habits and learn how to SMART SHOP.

ABL came across an awesome technique provided by Charles Duhigg.

How-to-Change-a-HabitThe Power of Habit

In my previous post I mentioned it’s the feeling obtained from the sale purchase.

How about switching that feeling to something better.

Here’s a suggestion. Let’s say you see a 50% off DEAL a $20.00 Purchase.
Ask the questions listed in the ABL reusable bag.
Instead of THINKING of
+$10.00 amount of savings on your receipt.
-$10.00 in your bank account for an item you won’t use
the item all dusty sitting in your living space.

Try it out for yourself and see if it works!

It’s All About Love ♥

February 14, 2013

HAPPYVDAY021413Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a day of LOVE.
SMART SHOPPERS Love and Value themselves.
In turn they are able to Love and Value others and make smart shopping decisions.

Do you love yourself?

ABL TIP: If you have an upcoming party, post Valentine’s Day sales are great for party favors or goodie bags.  Red is an awesome color for a birthday party!

The Shopping Bag

February 13, 2013

Early this year I came across a post by Seth Godin:

“What people buy when they buy something on sale
Assuming it’s not something they were shopping for in the first place…
The impulse big-sale buy is not a matter of acquiring a high value item they’ll need later at a bargain price today.
No, the consumer is spending money in exchange for the feeling, right now, of saving big. The joy of a bargain. The item is secondary, the feeling is what we just paid for.
You wouldn’t know that from the way people selling things act, but that’s what we buy.”


The Dollar bins strategically located at the front of the stores or the sales racks. These are places like a drug that are able to trigger that feeling.

I wanted to see if I could change that. Create something to prevent the act of obtaining the feeling if the outcome is not good for you.

There’s nothing wrong on buying something on sale as long as you buy it for the right reasons.

Hence the birth of the SHOPPING BAG


By identifying the trigger and asking yourself before you purchase, you end up walking away and not spending. Not spending means more money and possibility of investing. Not purchasing the product means not wasting resources and producers rethinking quantities to be made and distributed. This also allows the creation of better products for consumption.

Nomo the Monkey

February 12, 2013