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The Sopranos

July 22, 2013

sopranos-dvd-bigIf you’re in the mood for binge watching entertainment, and haven’t seen HBO’s “The Sopranos” you have the following options:
1.Subscribe to HBO so you can catch it on GO or via your cable device
2. Get on and buy the episode at $1.99 or the single seasons at discounted prices.
3. Get the BOX SET (entire series) online or at Barnes and Noble or Target.
4. Get the FIRST SEASON online. You may be able to find it at Barnes and Noble stores that still carry DVDs. Target doesn’t have it.
5. Borrow the discs on Netflix.
6. Check with a friend and see if they can lend it to you.

ABL went for #6. She asked a friend about the series and luckily was given sets 1 and 2 for FREE. For that ABL is grateful!